Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpeting enhances your company’s image. It reflects the level of care, professionalism, and attention to detail that you devote to your entire operation and in many ways reflects the whole ‘ethos’ and brand of your company.  It’s also one of the first things that your clients and business associates see when they enter and in their minds sums up what your company is all about.  Simple as it may seem a clean and cared for carpet helps ensure that the impression you make in the business world will be a positive one

Here at the ADI Group we service commercial buildings and business establishments of all sizes, ranging from offices, commercial buildings, retail outlets, banks. Hotels, restaurants, and more with the quality carpet cleaning and maintenance services they need.  With the combination of the latest cleaning techniques and the safest and very best chemicals and machinery available, we will ensure that your carpets not only look clean but really are clean.

Not only do we do a great job we also understand the need to be flexible when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning and that is why we work around your schedule to ensure that there will be no downtime to your business operations.

In view of this commitment we work directly with property managers, business owners and facilities managers to ensure that we work when you don’t.  We offer both weekend and evening appointments, are fully licensed and ensured.

With our many years of carpet cleaning experience we are familiar with all the carpet cleaning issues that you may face and we have both the knowledge and the equipment to handle any situation for you. As carpets age they can start to look down trodden and dull and even these neglected carpets can be restored to their original beauty with the proper maintenance programs.

At ADI we have gained a proven reputation for providing the very best commercial floor maintenance. No job is too big or too small. Hosting a wide range of solutions and cleaning methods we’ll have a solution that will perfectly fit your situation.

Offering a full carpet care solution, we can provide you with full bespoke maintenance plans tailored to your exact business needs, these are flexible enough to work around your business and can include carpet & upholstery care, entrance barrier mat cleaning, office seating, chair cleaning and more.

You spend 8-10 hours a day in your office, keeping your carpet clean will boost morale, create a healthy environment to work in, and impress your clients.

Whatever industry or business you work in, we can offer a thorough and reliable cleaning service tailored to your exact requirements.

Always remember

Always remember, we specialise in deep steam cleaning and Very Low Moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning, have years of experience in providing a range of commercial cleaning services to many types of business, and can provide a service that is ideal for you.

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