Surface Cleaning

First impressions are always important.  Let your customers and clients know you care by keeping your facilities, inside and out, spic and span.

The exterior of your business can be what potential customers and visitors base their first impressions on, and here at Adi we’ll help you keep your premises looking spic and span. Your entrance, walkways, awnings, canopies and building exteriors will look like new when our power washing professionals remove the grime, grease, gum, mildew, mould and general debris that is causing you problems.

ADI is your exterior cleaning expert. We will leave your exterior areas looking the very best that it can and ensure that ground surfaces are clean and as slip free as possible, so important for schools and businesses.  We offer total exterior surface cleaning solutions specializing in graffiti removal, awning cleaning, hot and cold water hydro washing, gum removal, storefront / facade cleaning, school and premise washing.

We offer everything needed to keep your business and school exterior clean and safe from slips and looking like the day you opened.

Why use ADI Power Wash Cleaning?

We are fully-insured professional surface cleaning company.  We only use the very latest in professional hydro wash equipment.  Not only does our specialist hot water equipment allow us to completely remove gum, grease, moss and dirt from all your surfaces but it also allows us to safely clean and sanitize playgrounds, pavements, parking and drive areas efficiently and effectively.

We provide you with a professional service. Using the right equipment gives us the flexibility to handle the most delicate and the toughest jobs that you may have, whilst at the same time making sure your property is left clean and undamaged. We always take the most cautious approach to cleaning, starting with low pressure and working our way up, if necessary.

We can provide you with, high level cleaning, brick cleaning, graffiti removal, cladding cleaning, block pavement cleaning, roof cleaning, moss removal, wall cleaning and more.

We can also provide you with our specialist moss removal and prevention service. As you may know north facing exterior areas have trouble in drying out so moss forms on pavements and walkways in these areas. This is quite a big problem for schools and public buildings because of their duty of care to the pupils and the public especially with the risk of children and adults slipping and falling and we provide the cleaning and anti-moss treatment that prevents this and guarantee against regrowth.

So, if the area around your premises needs surface cleaning, as a ‘one off’ or part of an ongoing maintenance service, we can provide the fast, friendly and professional service that you need.

As surface cleaning can make such a difference to the look and safety of your premises it really is a sound investment.


Schools, Government buildings, businesses, office blocks, Restaurants, theatres, garages, fast food out lets and retail stores all look better when they’ve had an ADI hydro surface clean.

If you require further information or a no obligation quotation, please fill in the contact form or contact the ADI Group on 0800 311 2136 or